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Hair products make all the difference in styling. They can protect your hair from heat, add volume, shine, texture, or make your styles last longer — but not all products are created equal. Choosing a hair product is not a one-stop shop kind of deal, and each are good for different things.

Do you spend hours making sure your hair is perfectly straightened, only for it to turn frizzy as soon as you walk outside? Do you take the extra time to ensure you have placed the best oils on your hair strands so they can stay shiny and in place? If so, it is possible that your hair routine is missing a very important product, the right hair serum.

When you use hair serum, your hair will instantly become manageable and smoother. This occurs because this product contains silicon that not only coats the hair, but will also act as a protectant from humidity, heat and pollution. It also helps to make the hair appear healthier due to shine.

This means that if you have dry hair, you should avoid using any products that contain high concentrations of alcohol because it can make dry hair become even more dry. You should look for hair serums that are made from ingredients like Argan or Moroccan oil instead. Though it may seem obvious, you should avoid over applying any hair serum to hair that is dry and over-processed.

Even the best hair serum can weigh hair down if too much is placed on the strands. You should trust your gut instincts. If you are using a serum that feels too tacky or sticky when you touch it, there is a high possibility that it contains super moisturizing ingredients.

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This type of serum may work for overly dry thick hair, if not, the hair may end up with product build-up. Fortunately, there are many new products and innovations that include the addition and use of certain oils. In fact, some of the new products give a maximum amount of moisture to dry hair.

It is also important that the hair is completely towel-dried before adding any type of serums. You do not want the oil in the hair serum to compete with any leftover water that is on your hair. Unfortunately, instead of getting the look you want, you will have a greasy head instead.

If you are going to be placing the hair in rollers or flat ironing it, it is best to apply the serum after the style has set. IT can be very harmful to your hair strands if the product is applied at the same time with the heat. One of the popular and best rated serum designed for African-American hair would be John Freida Frizz-Ease Hair Serum.

This product repels moisture which stops the hair from becoming frizzy due to humidity. Other popular hair serums that can be used daily include TIGI Bed Head Control Freak Serum and Treasured Locks H2G Hair Growth Serum. These are great anti-frizz serum that deliver effective results for frizzy and coarse hair.

For those with fine and thin hair strands, avoid using hair serums that are labeled as ‘moisturizing’ or ‘extra moisturizing’. Although moisture is good for dry hair, too much moisture can weigh down thin and fine hair, leaving it limp and lifeless. Instead, opt for hair serums that contain products that are lightweight.

The Basic Principles Of Hair Serum Benefits

Despite its coarse texture, this type of hair is the most fragile and delicate. This means that the hair serum is used add the right amount of shine to the hair, encourage curl formation and be moisturizing. Coconut oil and gardenia oil are both beneficial oils that provide the perfect amount of softness to the hair.

This is the time when the hair begins to feel dry, and frizz can set in. This hair can be especially difficult to manage and very dry. This means that the best hair serum to tackle this type of hair must not be too lightweight. The hair serum will also need to contain oils that will not only control the frizz, but will also be formulated with hydrating emollients that provide nourishment.

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These types of serums add hydration to thirsty locks, and they also add the necessary protection for those want guilt-free styling. It is important that you understand the porosity levels as well as the type of hair that you have. This will allow you to choose the hair serum that will best suit your needs and eliminate frizz from your life.

As the saying goes, the higher the hair, the closer to God. But when that includes unintentional or unwanted frizz, it doesn't seem so heavenly. While an , slightly frizzy crown can be a look (like, a long night at Studio 54 type of look), sometimes, frizz is just the opposite of what we want for our hair.

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And we're not only talking about your run-of-the-mill spritzers and serums. These days, there are so many defrizzer options out there for every hair type, whether your strands are pin-straight or unapologetically kinky. There are leave-in conditioners, oils, shampoos, even wipes to help you in your pursuit of frizz-free (or mostly frizz-free) hair.

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So, if you're not about that height, and prefer to keep things a bit more down to earth, here are a few products you need.additional reporting by Jolene Edgar and Hannah MorrillAll products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission..

Greasy hair isn’t glamorous, but oil is a key product to keep dry strands looking (and feeling) hydrated, regardless of your Like we said, hair oils should be used with a light hand and when necessary. “Keep in mind, how you apply oil to the hair and scalp, how often you shampoo, as well as your hair and your scalp condition can play a huge role in which oil you need and when you need it,” adds hairstylist and salon owner, Tina Pearson.

"Hair serum is usually seen as a finishing product," says Peter, "but it works well when applied before you wash your hair. Take a few drops in your hands, coat the surface and simply run it through. Some of the product will come out in the wash, but a lot of it doesn’t, and what isn't washed away stays within the cracks and smooths the hair surface.

I liken the hair strand to a scratched table. When you’re repairing it, you pile on the polish but you remove 99% of it, and what’s left plugs the gaps and leaves you with a nice polished surface.".

As far as hair products go, you probably think you have all the bases covered, right? You shampoo and condition, use a mousse or cream post-shower, and spray on a generous helping of dry shampoo every few days. What else is there? It turns out that many of us aren’t utilizing a key player in the hair product game—hair serum.